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Barnet's Finest Greek Restaurant and Takeaway

The Village Greek Barnet, London
Here at The Village Greek, our culinary art is clay pot cooking of original Greek cuisine, bringing back authenticity and mastered techniques, in a modern day atmosphere. From Kleftiko or Tava, to Moussaka or Chicken Biselli; our recipes have been at the heart of Greek tradition for centuries.

Clay pot cooking dates back to ancient Greece, when pots such as the Lopas, Teganon and Chytra were used for frying and cooking. Today clay pots are used in Greece for slow cooking, pot roasting, stewing and baking dishes, and are a symbol of hearty, conventional tradition.

In addition to the exceptional taste and tenderisation of food cooked in a clay pot, there are substantial benefits to health. The moisture in the clay keeps the cuisine from burning, and the juices released prevent the food from drying out; such cooking does not require an excessive use of oils, thereby reducing fat content. Natural vitamins and minerals released from the ingredients are all sealed within the flavour.

We are renowned for our clay pot specialities on the menu, and we hope you will enjoy savouring Greek food at its best!


The Village Greek welcomes you!